• Our Clients

    Our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients and since 1994 we have worked with some of the most respected sports and educational organisations in the world.

    We work closely with our business partners in all phases of  the development, implementation and support of the project and our in-house capability is built on a  foundation of over 18 years technical expertise and 40 years teaching and coaching experience. Visit our Portfolio for examples of our work.

    Our clients include (in alphabetical order):

    AFL logo
    Re-branding of G.A.P.S. (Games, Activities, Practices and Skills) to support the teaching and coaching of Australian Football.

    AfPE Logo
    Association for Physical Education
    Joint development of the Movement Observation Series. Read more in the portfolio section.

    bdaa logo
    British Disabled Angling Association
    Interactive Coaching Diary designed to create a useful and effective log of a coach’s season

    Cricket Scotland Logo
    Cricket Scotland
    Development of a range of interactive .pdfs for use by Cricket volunteers.

    DfES Logo
    Department for Education and Skills
    Creation of a resource to support the work of teachers in developing their professional practice within the Physical Education School Sport Professional Development Programme.

    DKH Legacy Trust Logo
    DKH Legacy Trust
    Creation of an engaging and interactive tool connected via the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust (DKHLT) website to introduce the work of the DKHLT and to take Harnessing Talent Performers through development pathways, and illustrating how the DKHLT can support them.

    ECB ACO Logo
    ECB Association of Cricket Officials
    Development of existing umpire education course Powerpoints to dynamic delivery tools, enabling a single location for launching all presentations in multimedia format. 

    EB Logo
    England Basketball
    Development of a multimedia teaching and coaching resource designed to support players and teachers at Key Stages 1 to 4. Read more in the portfolio section.

    ECB Logo
    England & Wales Cricket Board
    Design and development of Howzat!, a fully interactive multimedia resource for the teaching and coaching of cricket and the core resource for ECB coach education courses. Read more in the portfolio section.

    Etta Logo
    English Table Tennis Association
    Designed and developed an interactive web-based player logbook to support talented players and help personal and regional coaches and National selectors monitor their progress.  Read more in the portfolio section.

    GB Hockey
    Great Britain Ladies Hockey
    An animated team package to support the teams preparation for the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

    LTA Logo
    Lawn Tennis Association
    Creation of presentation software for use on Interactive whiteboards.

    mi sport
    Created an interactive, easy-to-use multimedia resource to support coaches and teachers in the development of children’s movement competency. Read more in the portfolio section.

    NA Logo
    Netball Australia
    Re-branding of G.A.P.S. (Games, Activities, Practices and Skills) to support the teaching and coaching of Netball.

    New Zealand Cricket
    Re-branding of G.A.P.S. (Games, Activities, Practices and Skills) to support the teaching and coaching of Cricket.

    New Zealand Hockey
    Re-branding of G.A.P.S. (Games, Activities, Practices and Skills) to support the teaching and coaching of Hockey.

    Northampton Saints Rugby
    Animated team package produced for All Blacks coach Wayne Smith during his time at Northampton Saints.

    PP4P Logo
    Physical Profiling For Performance
    Development of software to enable swimming clubs to build-up an ongoing, consistent record of injury prevention screening for individual swimmers.  Read more in the portfolio section.

    Sport Structures
    Development of a subscriber based web application to provide users with opportunities to learn about the Core Skills of Coaching. Read more in the portfolio section.

    ASA Logo
    The Amateur Swimming Association
    Creation of a web based stroke analysis tool for use by teachers and coaches through the Institute of Swimming website. Read more in the portfolio section.

    The FA
    Created an animated team package for use by England Under 21s, together with online coach support animations.

    RFL Logo
    The Rugby Football League
    Design and development of a range of interactive multimedia player development, and teacher and coach education resources. Read more in the portfolio section.

    RFU Logo
    The Rugby Football Union
    Development of a fully interactive multimedia resource to support student coaches in planning and delivering their own University rugby training sessions. Read more in the portfolio section.

    TST Logo
    Youth Sport Trust
    Creation of a variety of fully interactive, multimedia resources for the development of physical education in schools aimed at improving and encouraging pupil participation. Read more in the portfolio section.