• Coaching Profile

    Tacklesport (Consultancy) Ltd. develops and provides Sport multimedia resources / software for coaches and for those organisations responsible for coaching, whether it be the development of coaches and award schemes, or delivery to participants at a range of ability levels.

    Since its establishment in 1994, the company has been recognised as a quality provider of bespoke and effective coach education and development related interactive multimedia resources.

    With an experience of coaching from beginners to full international we understand the need for easy to use, effective resources to support coaches at the point of delivery.

    Our resources give coaches tools to deliver active, purposeful and enjoyable sessions. They relate to UKCC courses and fit with NGB coaching pathways and applications such as our session plans, interactive game planners and skills assessment tools will help evaluate performance and skills, keep records of achievement and player progress and address key elements within coach education.

    At Tacklesport we believe in developing sustainable, cost effective, ‘fit for purpose’ solutions that satisfy the needs of coaches. Our software has been developed with input from acclaimed coach education and sports experts and are highly recommended. An attention to detail combined with a desire to ‘get inside’ the subject means we continue to produce original, effective and successful solutions for a wide range of coach education related topics.


    The main thing I like is being able to put a whole session together, on a particular aspect, so that there is a warm up, main body and then a game. The animations allow me to explain more clearly to colleagues, some of whom aren’t cricket specialists, exactly what is wanted from the sessions. The small sided games are excellent – keeps the sessions vitalised and the kids motivated.

    Mark Worthington
    Director of Curriculum – Laxton Junior School

    I have used the Basketball animated skills drills throughout last season. With its easily explained and visual drills it is the perfect tool to improve the content of a preplanned training session. Drills and plays can be visual on screen to easily learn the mechanics of each drill. Then printed out and taken to the court, keeping sessions varied to maintain players interest and improve their fundamentals. Both inexperienced and experiences coaches will find this a worthwhile investment to any team.

    Ian Boswell
    Stockport Lapwings National League Coach

    Embedding ICT in Coaching / Using ICT in Coach Education

    Tacklesport interactive multimedia resources assist coaches in their use of ICT within a quality coaching and coach education programme. Given that coaching is, above all, about activity and movement it is possible coaches may not automatically think of ICT as a natural partner. However, coaching and coach education can benefit from the integration of ICT.

    The use of ICT in coaching and coach education can make a significant contribution to the learning that takes place. This starts with a knowledge and understanding of 3 principles applicable when considering using and or implementing ICT:

    • Does the use of ICT support good practice in coaching and coach education?
    • Is the use of ICT directly related to the coaching and learning objectives?
    • Does the use of ICT allow the ‘athlete’ (or coach) to achieve something that could not be done without it? (effective and efficient learning & coaching)

    The principles are important whether ICT is used by all athletes (individually, in groups or as a whole group/team etc.), by some athletes only or by the coach only. Also of relevance is an understanding that young athletes are now born into a technological world – where once a computer was a device to be used, technology is now a whole way of life and children are engaged with it from birth; where once the application of technology might have been an option it is now a requirement. It is therefore necessary to recognize and apply ICT opportunities in everyday coaching. Examples include development of coach and athlete ICT skills, use of information management systems and engagement in effective learning & coaching processes.

    Effective use of ICT improves the amount of information athletes retain through visual, auditory & kinaesthetic learning channels. This has an impact as learning and coaching can become more focused and athlete centred. Through appropriate use of ICT athletes are able to promote and develop ownership of their work and the directions they choose to take. This can have a positive effect on their motivation and degree of engagement, helping in their choice of learning style and promoting greater independence.

    Resources developed by Tacklesport, including both our own titles as well as resources developed for clients, embrace these fundamental principles – Howzat!, designed and developed by Tacklesport for the English and Wales Cricket Board is one example. Both coaches and athletes/players are able to engage with the resource, plan, organise and take part in practical learning experiences.