• About Tacklesport Australia

    Tacklesport Australia is an established sports teaching and coaching software design, production and resource company.

    Established in Australia in 2012, Tacklesport was originally incorporated in the UK in 1994, as the first ever dedicated sports teaching and coaching multimedia production company. The company originally specialised in developing animated sports teaching and coaching resources. In this early period much of the company’s time was spent in trying to convince those responsible for developing resources for education and coaching to recognise the benefits available through the rapid expansion of technology, notably computer hardware and software and in particular the development of multimedia.

    The hard work paid off however. Tacklesport is now established as a quality provider of effective PE teaching and sports coaching solutions and resources, and is the company of choice for many organisations responsible for the delivery of physical education and sport throughout the world.

    Tacklesport logos since 1994.
    The evolution of the Tacklesport brand from 1994 to the present day

    In 1995 Tacklesport was the first UK company to launch a multimedia coaching resource – Animated Skill Drills for Rugby Union, which was quickly followed by resources for Football, Hockey and Cricket.

    The breakthrough in multimedia resources for National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBS) was made in 1999 when the ECB commissioned Tacklesport to develop a multimedia resource for the teaching and coaching of cricket in schools. Howzat! was launched in 2000 by Minister for Sport Kate Hoey. Gradually, as technology improved, and available software became more sophisticated and more widely accepted and adopted, confidence in the potential of multimedia resources grew.

    By 2000 the ‘Digital Age’ had started to take off and Tacklesport became the developer of choice for a range of providers. The Animated Sports Coaching series expanded and through its development to G.A.P.S. (Games, Activities, Practices, Skills) attracted further endorsement from major sports organisations at home and abroad. New resources were added to the Tacklesport product range and a diverse range of organisations from within physical education and sport commissioned their own applications. Combining design and multimedia production skills with our knowledge and experience of physical education and sports coaching sets Tacklesport apart from other multimedia software production houses. With 24 years of experience behind us, we are able to deliver comprehensive digital solutions – powerful, media-rich software with modern, engaging design and user friendly experience – that satisfy the needs of our clients.

    By 2010, with advances in internet provision, computer functionality and capacity and an expansion of mobile technologies fuelling a greater need for innovative and effective teaching and coaching solutions globally, Tacklesport had expanded its offering. Tacklesport Australia was established in 2012 as a separate entity in its own right. Following the tradition of its parent company, Tacklesport,  Tacklesport Australia continues to work with major organisations on exciting projects including the development of a ‘Team Gym’ App for Gymnastics NSW, supplying G.A.P.S. resources for AFL and Netball Australia coaches, and supporting coach development in South Africa.

    View our Portfolio to see the range of innovative resources the company has developed and the Clients page for details of who Tacklesport has worked with since its inception and what we have achieved for coach education.